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Pamela Whitman

The Miracle Revolution

Pamela Whitman
Archived Show

The Oxford Dictionary defines revolution as “change in conditions and ways of doing things.” You are invited to join The Miracle Revolution—a change in thoughts and ways of seeing things. As students of New Thought, we know that thought, empowered by emotion, brings about manifestation. Therefore, when we sit around and complain and get angry about the problems of the country or the world, we are actually contributing to the problems. We are holding them in our minds and fueling them with our negative emotions. We are removing ourselves from the solution.

A Course in Miracles tells us that we are not victims of the world we see, that we have actually invented the world that we see. Even our hidden thoughts are creative. By joining our minds in The Miracle Revolution we are taking responsibility for participating in and empowering the solution. There is really only one problem—our belief that we are separate from God and one another. Through forgiveness we remember the one answer. Our One Mind is restored. Miracles are shifts in perception. When we allow God to Guide our thoughts, we become miracle-minded and what we see becomes miraculous.

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