Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, Rev. Dr. Cher Holton, and Rev. Dr. Bil Holton
Mondays, 10 AM CT
The Work of Spiritual Ideas in Sense Consciousness
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
This week’s Charles Fillmore talk was delivered on January  13, 1924, and is entitled “The Work of Spiritual Ideas in Sense Consciousness." It is based on Genesis 47:1-12 in which Joseph’s family is permitted to come to the land of Goshen by Pharoah. The key concepts is that we must allow our higher spiritual consciousness to enter into sense consciousness without becoming a part of it so that sense consciousness may be redeemed, regenerated and brought to a higher plane. Fillmore stated at the end of the talk, “Let us remember this lesson and apply it definitely today in restoring our bodies to spiritual consciousness, bringing them out of mere material sensation into spiritual activity through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, our great brother, our great pioneer in these mighty realms of Spirit and matter, because Spirit and matter are unified in the one who understands the divine law.”

In the final segment, we turned our attention to The Revealing Word where we explored from “generic” to “God.”