Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, Rev. Dr. Cher Holton, and Rev. Dr. Bil Holton
Mondays, 10 AM CT
Surrender It to God
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
This week we romped with “Surrender it to God” from Get Over  These, Too! As it will sometimes be around the “virtual kitchen table,” we did a short excursion into the Optimism Bias. We'll explore this more next week. We finally circled back to Infinite Potential by Lothar Schafer, tying in the importance of awareness and the nonempirical forms. Key idea: “… if you aren’t aware of your inner potential, it won’t ever get actualized.” We wrapped up with the Absolute Word from Sunday, May 8! Mother’s Day: “I give thanks for the abiding strength of motherly love!” Remember to head on over to bit.ly/metaromp for this week’s Metaphysical Adventure!