Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, Rev. Dr. Cher Holton, and Rev. Dr. Bil Holton
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The Law of Divine Order
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
This week our hosts explored the spiritual law of mind activity and the law of adjustment—perhaps the law of divine order (Mind-Idea-Expression). This included more details about the law of mind action. They romped with Lothar Schafer’s book, Infinite Potential, including lively conversation about what Lothar was saying and where they are metaphysically. Eventually, our hosts … including Lothar … got back to the fundamental concept that oneness of beingness underlies everything as nonempirical forms that are thought-like, existing in something that is mind-like. We wrapped up with the Absolute Word from Sunday, September 24, 2017—"Oneness." It can be found at paulhasselbeck.com. Look for more supportive information at bit.ly/metaromp.com.