Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, Rev. Dr. Cher Holton, and Rev. Dr. Bil Holton
Mondays, 10 AM CT
The Fourth Dimension
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Today  we are starting an intensive series of programs based on the actual transcripts of a 13-week lecture series titled “The Fourth Dimension and Its Uses by Man.” It was given by Charles Fillmore and his secretary, Miss Cora Dedrick, in 1932.  The first class is titled “How to Use Spiritually to Quicken Man’s Super-Mind Faculties and Use Them in Character-Building.” The affirmation for the month is, “God’s understanding quickens and increases my understanding and I know the truth.” The primary focus of the talk centers around the what and where of the Kingdom of Heaven. Charles Fillmore states, “And the Scriptures plainly teach we must have an unfoldment of the mind of Christ. … What we need is to grasp these truths for ourselves in order to use them.”