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Jesse Herriott
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Rev. Rowena Silvera
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Jesse Herriott is joined this week by special guest, Rev. Rowena Silvera, senior minister of A Different Thought: A Community of Conscious Living, in Decatur, Georgia. Jesse and Rev. Row will continue with Part Two of an intriguing discussion on Rev. Row's series of the 7 Veils of Consciousness. Rev. Rowena Silvera's newest book, The Dig! 101 Questions in Consciousness, will be available in early May. Rev. Rowena is also founder and principle of Maximum Life Coaching, where she has offered private empowerment coaching for more than 15 years and continues to spearhead workshops focused on resolving self-esteem and self-awareness. Don't miss this week's episode, as we discuss "Consciousness Unveiled." Join us for an incredible hour with "Rev. Row!" (http://www.adtretreat.com)