Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Victor Wooten: All You Have to Do Is Find the Song Inside
Friday, November 20, 2015
Grammy-winning musical icon and legendary bassist Victor Wooten shares his spiritual views in this inspiring interview. He describes how influential his mother and father were in his own spiritual upbringing—giving him a "multivitamin of truth" every day—and what a powerful influence his parents were on him in helping him to be a good person and to focus on bringing joy to other people, what he feels is the secret to success. He talks about the importance of practicing and not moving ahead until you master what's in front of you first.

Victor Wooten is an American bass player, author of the best-selling book The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music and recipient of five Grammy Awards, and two Nashville Music Awards for Bassist of the Year. Wooten has won the Bass Player of the Year award from Bass Player magazine three times in a row, and was the first person to win the award more than once. He was named No. 10 in the "Top 10 Bassists of All Time" by Rolling Stone magazine. He runs a Bass/Nature camp called Victor Wooten's Center for Music and Nature in Tennessee.

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