Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Three Keys to Freedom, With Kimberly Cartwright
Friday, August 5, 2016
If you feel stuck in your life, you probably are asking the wrong questions! Most people are completely unaware of their internal dialogue that goes on all day long in their mind, asking innocent questions like: "How can I get better from this health issue? What is this symptom? How can I fix this problem? Why is that person being so hateful? How can I make more money? How can I get people to like me?" These all seem like sincere questions that lead us to truly believe we can find a solution and improve our lives, but often these questions just keep us stuck. In this "friggin" awesome interview with A Course in Miracles teacher Kimberly Cartwright, you will learn three Powerful Keys to Freedom. The first is finding out the questions you are asking that are keeping you stuck. Kimberly shares inspiring stories from her own life to illustrate how she used these three Keys to Freedom to unlock the door that leads to a life of being fully expressive, authentic, happy, and free
Kimberly Cartwright is a woman who made a friggin decision to live the principles of A Course in MiraclesShe is a teacher, healer, coach, and ordained minister of God through the Teachers of God Foundation. Kimberly has been leading A Course in Miracles-based classes and encounters for 25 years. She is a fitness professional and her indoor cycling, yoga classes, and meditation walks are part of her ministry. 
For more information about the Teachers of God Foundation and A Course in Miracles, visit teachersofgod.org.