Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Max Just—Pennies From Heaven: Finding Your Fortune in the Storms of Life
Friday, September 23, 2016
Every cloud contains gifts. Do you see them? What do you do when "storms" and "thunder" are upon you? Do you run from problems and difficulties or do you "turn your umbrella upside down" to capture all the pennies from heaven? Join Lisa Natoli and Max Just for this talk as they share from A Course in Miracles about how to find peace and joy when things are falling apart. Learn how to "find sunshine and flowers when it showers."

Max opens this talk with the song "Pennies From Heaven." He will discusses the lyrics and how you can see your problems in a new way. You don't need to run under a tree when it thunders—you can find the gifts and treasures in the "difficulties" of life. True prayer is forgiveness that asks for nothing other than a request that you may be able to recognize what you already have.

Max shares his personal story of when his life fell apart. "When I said 'yes' back in 1997, everything fell awaymy relationship, my four-bedroom house in Sydney, my career as a musician, my addictions, smoking, my migraines, and my depression. They seem to fall apart because you try to hang on to them as the new paradigm emerges within you. Actually, they just fall away as they are no longer serving you or the purpose you once held for them." If you are ready to see things differently and receive your fortune from heaven, tune in! 
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