Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Max Just and Lisa Natoli: What Is God and Do I Have to Talk to Him?
Friday, November 13, 2015
A question came in from someone practicing A Course in Miracles. She writes: "My ACIM teacher keeps emphasizing that God does not know that we are here. As a result I find myself confused about talking to Him. Can someone please "enlighten" me."

Great question!! This ACIM teacher is correct! God does not know that we are here! Come join Max and Lisa as they answer this question from their own personal experience of What God Is, and the realization that God doesn't know about problems, depression, difficulties, or pain. A Course in Miracles talks a lot about prayer and the final workbook lessons from Lesson 221 to 365 have prayers with the word "Father" in them, inviting us to communicate with God, so if God doesn't even know that we are here, if He doesn't know about our difficulties, why do we pray to Him? Is it necessary? Tune in as Max and Lisa share their personal stories of finding the peace of God, the strength of God, the Love of God.

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