Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Jim Labrie: Finding Purpose and Joy in Life Through Adversity
Friday, May 13, 2016
How do you deal with difficulties? When life throws you an unexpected curve-ball, how do you react/respond? Do you become self-absorbed trying to find a solution OR do you listen to God to find out what is the message in it for you? All things work together for good. It doesn't always seem that way when you lose a loved one, or experience loss, divorce, sickness, pain and problems. Listen in to this one-hour inspiring talk about the life of Jim Labrie, who passed unexpectedly on Saturday April 30, 2016. Many people falsely believe that success, abundance and happiness only come to the lucky ones - that somehow a person is "born" into a life of greatness, joy and peace. Here is the story of a man who was NOT born into a life of wealth, but grew into it with his curiosity, openness, generosity, passion, enthusiasm and dedication to a life of service to others. When Jim's son Jimmy died unexpectedly in 1986, Jim in his grief asked God "What Now?" He was startled to hear a voice, though alone, which said "help people." Jimmie's death was for James Labrie, the beginning of a quest for spiritual understanding and a commitment to serve others. If you are ready for A GREAT LIFE, tune into this show that can change your whole outlook on success and why you are here in the world. 
Jim Labrie believed that life was all about relationship building and helping people. He believes that success, in its many forms, follows when you devote your life to the service of others. He knows that a few words of encouragement can change a person's life. He would say "You never know how you may influence someone's life when you talk to them." He gave every conversation his full attention and weighed his words carefully as he knew that what may seem insignificant to one, may have great significance to the other. He is the light of the world, a man of great generosity, compassion, kindness and love. 
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