Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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How to Hear God's Voice in a Practical, Everyday Kind of Way
Friday, January 29, 2016
Wouldn't it be great if you had everyday, practical guidance that told you all the shortcuts in life? (Yes, that would be terrific). Wouldn't it be amazing to have an Inner Guide that told you exactly where to go to get what you want and need (Yes, totally). Well, great news! You do have a Guide and it knows all the shortcuts! The trick now is learning how to listen to this Voice and trust in the guidance given to you. You don't even need to believe in it. You can have resistance and not even be enthusiastic, and it still works perfectly. All you have to do is trust, listen, and go where it leads you. Join Lisa Natoli as she shares stories in today's talk about Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman's experience with learning to listen to the Voice for God with an important key to receiving miracles quickly. (Clue: thank God ahead of time for what has already been accomplished.) 
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