Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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How to Get Rid of Fear and Anxiety When Prayer Doesn't Work
Friday, December 11, 2015
Do you feel like you practice spiritual principles and nothing happens? Come join Max and Lisa for this talk about A Course in Miracles as they answer a letter from a woman who wants to know what to do when fear and anxiety grips her on a daily basis. She writes, "Fear, worry and doubt have ruled my life for years. I've had moments of peace, but wake up most days in fear of the future, of new things, of life. Anxiety grips at my lungs. I pray. I ask God to remove my suffering. I breath. I try to say loving thoughts. I know I have a purpose here to do big things and to make a difference. How do you move through life trusting and knowing what you are here to do? How do you stay peaceful when you don't know? I don't like being new and life is nothing but newness and change. Thank you for your help and guidance." Join Max and Lisa as they describe "handy hints" about what you can do when fear arises. 
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