Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Holiday Season: The Coming of the Guest
Friday, November 25, 2016
We are moving into the holiday season, a time when many people feel alone and depressed. Even when surrounded by people, friends, and family, there can be a feeling of aloneness and sadness. Such is the condition of the world—the feeling simply gets magnified during the holidays.

It's a perfect time to invite your Guest into your life. God is here, but do you know it? You cannot see your Guest, but you can absolutely see the gifts He brings with Him. Listen to this talk with Lisa Natoli as she discusses Chapter 29 of A Course in Miracles. You have accepted healing's cause (before you were even born), but you may not have perceived the effects. You are already "in the future" with all your problems gone. Now all that's left is to live in the new effects—in joy, peace, and love—even though you do not yet see the physical manifestation with your body's eyes. You absolutely will see the new effects as you begin to give the gifts away that you have received. Extend this love and know you are healed. May this be the best holiday season of your entire life! It's a whole new beginning. 
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