Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Healing the Sick and Raising the Dead: What Is a Miracle?
Friday, November 11, 2016
Join Max Just and Lisa Natoli as they talk about what "raising the dead" really means. Many well-intentioned spiritual teachers and students have put their life on hold while they "wait" for a miracle. But what is a miracle? What does it mean to be dead? In A Course in Miracles, Jesus describes death as "a thought that takes many forms." These forms include sadness, anxiety, worry, shame, blame, guilt, attack, judgment, anger, and any emotion than is not supreme joy.

Death is a thought. Raising the dead means raising your thoughts to go through the fog of your own confusion, leaving doubt behind, and coming back into a place of happiness. Max will give a great practice for getting out of conflict by first taking total responsibility for the situation that seems to be happening to you, admitting you have been wanting what is occurring, leaving the other person out of your difficulty, and deciding what you really want. Listen and allow change to come from his new place. This is true healing. Come raise your dead thoughts into the light. 
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