Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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The Healing Presence Within
Friday, March 3, 2017
Within you is a light that will heal every aspect of your life. It knows exactly what to do, and will do its mighty healing work when you cooperate with this Intelligence and work with it by removing the blocks of fear in your conscious mind. You do not need to search to find what is buried in you as childhood hurts or old patterning from the past. All that needs to be healed is available to you to see in your conscious mind today. When you have a willingness to pay attention to what is going on in your conscious awareness by noticing your thoughts, feelings, and words, you can change your life. Come join minister and teacher of A Course in Miracles Lisa Natoli as she gives a fresh and insightful perspective on healing in practical, simple, direct terms that you can begin to use and apply today. When you stop the internal battle within and allow the "two (thoughts) to become one," everything you ask on earth is given to you by our Father, which is in heaven. 
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