Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Dr. Roxanne Daleo: Spirituality & Children
Friday, May 26, 2017
Want your kids and teenagers to calm down, feel happy, and be at peace? Would you love your child to be more focused and joyful? If the answer is "yes," join Lisa Natoli in this inspiring talk with Dr. Roxanne Daleo, founder of MindWorks for Children, and a renowned clinician, leader, and pioneer in health psychology. Roxanne uses spiritual principles—including A Course in Miraclesto help stressed, anxious children calm down and reduce their anxiety, do better in school, and be happier.

Dr. Roxie will describe her simple methods that allow children to access their own internal source of strength, love, creativity, and innate gifts. She teaches children to meditate, relax, and take care of themselves through audio programs and guided imagery. She also guides parents with four energy portals as a way to connect and communicate in a way that creates a bond: The Send Off, Welcome Back, Dinnertime, and Getting to Sleep at Night. Dr. Roxanne also gives three steps to be more mindful and aware. Her work, which combines evidence-based mind-body techniques with expressive arts, has been recognized as one of the most powerful methods for awakening natural healing within. 
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