Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Completely Letting Go of Attack
Friday, October 21, 2016
Can you imagine never attacking ever again? What would it take to accomplish that? Imagine having no cares and no worries—just a sense of wholeness and happiness. Attack comes in the form of anger, rage, and violence, but it also comes in the form of blaming yourself and others, defending yourself, feeling unworthy, self-sabotage, feeling guilty, and judging.

Can you imagine not engaging in any of these behaviors, thoughts, and emotions ever again? In today's show, Lisa Natoli reads from A Course in Miracles in which Jesus gives us clear instructions for how to easily let go of attack forever, first by seeing the uselessness of attack (that it has never worked) and then following the Teacher who has been given to you to guide you. Lisa talks about how she resigned as her own teacher and declared herself a poor learner as the firm beginning in which real change began to occur. Jesus says, "You need offer only undivided attention. Everything else will be given you." Tune in if you are ready to let go of attack and experience peace. 
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