Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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Carol Howe: Healing Relationships Through True Forgiveness
Friday, January 16, 2015
Are there people in your life that drive you crazy? Difficult relationships mirror the blind spots of our own unfinished business and must be recognized and healed if we are ever to live happily and in peace. They are the all-important, inevitable, tailor-made blessings in disguise – gifts that  must and will be unwrapped for our quickest spiritual unfoldment and healing.  They speak of our refusal to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Our relationships shout to us about our own state of mind, our refusal to love, our choices and our opinion of ourselves.  They are the most finely tuned and accurate of all measuring devices, windows into the inner workings of our own minds. Come join Carol Howe, Author, teacher, counselor, life-long student of universal spiritual principles and practitioner of A Course in Miracles, in this eye-opening one-hour interview with Bill & Lisa as Carol gives a fresh new perspective on looking at relationships and healing unfinished business through awareness and forgiveness.
Carol Howe: Known for her warmth, compassion and sense of humor, Carol teaches A Course in Miracles in a way that is easily understood, practical and fun. She was close friends with Bill Thetford and is the author of several books including: Never Forget To Laugh: Personal Recollections of Bill Thetford, Co-Scribe of A Course In Miracles. Her most recent project is the creation of a ground-breaking new 8-part, professionally-produced DVD series, See How Life Works, focusing on the major principles and processes of the Course. Featuring high-quality animation, three-dimensional teaching models, and clear, every-day language, this is the “Head-Start” program for the Course! Find out more at http://www.seehowlifeworks.com and www.carolhowe.com.
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