Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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All Suffering Only Comes From Your Thoughts, With Max Just
Friday, August 19, 2016
Can you be present with what is happening in your life without bringing your story into it? Can you appreciate that everything that seems to be happening to you is actually happening for you? Join Max and Lisa as they continue with the theme on healing and happiness. Max says, "The problem is not the situation. Your thoughts about the situation is the problem. All your suffering has nothing to do with the thing that seems to be happening. All your suffering comes from your thoughts about what is happening." The only "cure" is to question the reality of the problem, which is an idea from Workbook Lesson 41 from A Course in Miracles. How beautiful life would become for you if you could accept everything as perfect. In this one hour, Max talks about his 90-year-old mother falling and suddenly experiencing dementia. There was beauty in witnessing this change—after a lifetime of grievances, she can no longer remember her problems and difficulties—she's just simply happy. Max says, "You don't have to wait to get dementia to be happy and drop all your grievances. You can be happy now."
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