Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
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40 Days in the Desert like Jesus: Stories of Transformation
Friday, December 19, 2014
Is change possible? How does it occur? Do you ever wish you could have a desert experience like Jesus did and spend 40 days coming to know who you are, as one with God? For most people, this is not possible—there is work, family, obligations, kids, bills, and no money to go away to sit in a desert or on a mountain or at a retreat center. Now imagine being able to have a 40-day experience from your home. The 40-Day Program offers just that. It's a fast track through the basic themes of A Course in Miracles and an invitation to leave your old life behind and fulfill your destiny.
Join Bill and Lisa as they talk with several people who have taken the 40-Day Program and experienced miracles and transformation. You will hear from Trice Atkinson, Judy Morton, Calico Hickey, Nancy Fitzgerald, and Vicki Poppe as they share their stories of healing, hope, and inspiration.
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