Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd
Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd
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Myrtle Revisited
Thursday, June 26, 2014
Dr. Tom interviews two Unity Institute® and Seminary colleagues—2011 Myrtle Fillmore Award Recipient Rev. E.J. Niles and Unity archivist Rev. Eric Page—as they discuss the Mother of Unity, Mary Caroline Page, aka Myrtle Fillmore. Who was this Midwestern, Victorian, Methodist woman? Is it possible to peel back layers of interpretation and hear Myrtle's theological voice, unimpeded by love's bias, for the first time? Whether you're new to Myrtle's thought or a longtime devotee, this show will send you forward with a new appreciation for this remarkable woman pioneer.

Note for HTS 660 class members: Link to this program will be archived at http://www.unity.fm/program/TalkAboutIt when posted.