Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd
Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd
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Happiness Makeovers
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Dr. Tom’s special guest this week is best-selling author (1.75 million books sold) Mary Jane Ryan. An amazon.com reviewer writes of Ms. Ryan’s book, The Happiness Makeover: “Despite the affluence of the Western lifestyle, many people aren't happy, and the numbers of unhappy and depressed people is ever increasing. Seemingly we don't know how to live our lives in a satisfied way—how to draw contentment, happiness, maybe even a little joy, from our lives on a daily basis. This little book has so much wisdom to offer on this topic. It is a true gem drawing from Eastern and Western wisdom traditions, including positive psychology and is a blend of philosophical, spiritual, emotional, and practical perspectives.” Ryan is a delightful speaker with easy command of interesting data and anecdotes. This show will help listeners learn how to be intentionally happy without denying the reality of life in a world where joy is often hard to find.