Rev. Heidi Alfrey
Rev. Heidi Alfrey
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Expose Yourself to Mantra
Monday, July 9, 2012
In life, it's often the heartbreak that leads to a breakthrough ... Join Rev. Heidi for a transparent interview with singer/songwriter/humanitarian Karl Anthony as he reveals the life events that occurred for the creation of Mantra, the laser light musical event, to be born. Karl, whose musical career spans 30 years, was brought to a place of not knowing his next step when his 20-year marriage ended two years ago. At that time, the only thing he wanted to do was sit in the dark, alone with a candle, play guitar and sing. Alone in the candlelight, he was lead to chant ... this experience was so healing for Karl ... he knew bringing it into a community would be even more dynamic. A friend suggested he add laser "bliss" lights, and The Mantra experience was born. In addition to many humanitarian activities in children's hospitals, schools and abroad, Karl leads Mantra experiences all over the world. Explore Karl Anthony's world at www.karlanthony.com.