Rev. Heidi Alfrey
Rev. Heidi Alfrey
Archived Show
Monday, August 29, 2011
Heidi interviews Ashana, a singer, sound practitioner and renowned master crystal bowl artitst.

Ashana has courageoulsy, boldly and nakedly stepped out into the unknown. Six years ago she sold her business to follow the stirrings of her heaert to create the musical ministry she has today. She released her worldly imprsonment and now lives spiritually free. Ashana let it all go and found it all! Not only did she uncover her inspirational life purpose, but on tour she met her husband--the love of her life.

During Rev. Heidi's interview with Ashana, listeners will have an opportunity to win copies of Ashana's latest CD, as well as tickets to her upcoming concert at Unity Temple on the Plaza.

Learn more about Ashana online at www.ashanamusic.com.