Rev. Temple Hayes
Wednesdays, 1 PM CT
Releasing Blocks, Embracing Magnificence
Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Clardy Malugen, M.A., M.F.A., founder of the Magnificence Project, LLC, and the Prosperity Academy International, is a uniquely gifted author, a loving spiritual teacher, and a master of multidimensional energy frequencies. A motivational speaker, transformational coach, and mentor for more than 20 years, Clardy has devoted her life to empowering individuals, organizations, and corporations to expand beyond perceived limitations into unlimited possibilities and true success. Her remarkable transdimensional energy work continues to astonish scientists and medical professionals while profoundly transforming the lives of her clients and students.

Throughout the years, Clardy has quietly explored her natural gifts as a medical intuitive and energy healer. She recently made a commitment to share these remarkable gifts with clients in both her private practice and workshops. Utilizing what she calls a "transdimensional energy connection to The Field," she has facilitated hundreds of instantaneous healings of both emotional and physical limitations that have been described as "miraculous." Although often called a  "master healer," Clardy believes that her work with energy simply helps to release negative energy fields that are blocking the body's natural ability to heal itself.