Rev. Temple Hayes
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Oprah Winfrey’s Ambassador of Hope 2009 Recipient, the Incredible Marala Scott
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
As noted by Oprah: “A childhood of abuse almost kept Marala Scott from a life of happiness ... Until she discovered how to use her story to help others.”
Marala shares her prolific story in her memoir, In Our House: Perception vs. Reality, which chronicles a childhood unlike any other. It is the chilling story of a successful family, and reveals the hidden reality behind appearances. Marala Scott’s story is nothing short of remarkable—in the fact that she overcame such a tragic childhood and is now able to capture those experiences through teaching about the indicators of an abuser.
More than two years ago, Marala was told by doctors that she only had one week to live. She had suffered from multiple brain aneurysms, in which doctors were afraid to operate due to the complexity of the surgery. The chances of her surviving were slim. Their prognosis—she would become a vegetable. The operation consisted of doctors placing a metal plate in her head. Marala calls this her battle scar. Marala’s survival is nothing short of miraculous. With an innate desire to continue her message of inspiration and healing, Marala is determined more than ever to inspire others.