Rev. Temple Hayes
Wednesdays, 1 PM CT
The Fast Track Technique
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Jaz Goven was born a highly sensitive being and struggled most of her life to fit in and be what she believed others expected her to be! She hid her true self by immersing herself and her career in color, fashion, style, and design. What she finally noticed was that each time she was on the verge of success, she would find ways to sabotage or divert herself from that, even though it is what she desired most.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Jaz set up home in Thailand, and when her marriage fell apart, so did she. This falling apart cracked open the shell she presented to the world and took her on an inner journey toward healing herself and then others. On this path, she discovered firsthand the negative impact of subconscious programing and set about undoing her own “ball of string” from which Fast Track Technique was born.

Jaz no longer hides who she is but presents herself personally and professionally as a highly confident, authentic, empowered female embracing her gifts of sensitivity and creativity. She brings these to her work and to you. Still living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Jaz travels extensively to many countries around the world spreading Fast Track and helping others make the changes they need to be at peace with themselves and who they are.