Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
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Tamie and Gabriel, Week Two
Monday, April 6, 2015
It was great to meet Tamie and Gabriel for their first week on Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris. They determined a plan of action and are moving in the direction of their healing.
Tamie feels that fear and worry have taken control of her life. She is single, a business owner, and has decided to become a mother through artificial insemination. She has wanted to have a child since she was a teenager. Now in her 40s, her biological clock is ticking and it is time! She worries about her finances and the new responsibility of being a mother. But is that really the problem?

Gabriel feels he is drifting through his life without motivation and accompanied by guilt and shame. He has had a successful career as a consultant and mentor. He is married with children and grandchildren he loves deeply. He has battled addiction to alcohol throughout his life and had health concerns in his 60s, but he feels he has navigated these concerns successfully. So why has he lost his passion and motivation? 

Tamie, Gabriel, and Dr. Chris will have a great deal of work to do in the next four weeks. Join us as they set their intentions and place a demand upon consciousness for healing and spiritual renewal.