Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
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Tamie and Gabriel, Week Three
Monday, April 13, 2015
We are so grateful for our guests on Healing Your Life! They have so much to say and share with you, our listening audience.
Tamie opened communication with her unborn child by writing a very personal letter and bringing forth the child’s name. This week she will make plans for a nursery, meditate with her child in mind, and invite this unborn spirit into being. She is ready and excited about this new chapter in her life!
Gabriel had a loving conversation with his wife and shared his feelings about what has been troubling him. This brought him much-needed relief and clarity. He feels that in this short time working with Dr. Chris, he has been given a spiritual adjustment! He feels empowered and more like the impassioned Gabriel of his past. He has plans to increase his community involvement and pro bono work as a consultant. 
Join us this week on Healing Your Life to witness the progress Tamie and Gabriel are making. They are bringing their best ideas into fruition with the help of Dr. Chris and their connection to Spirit.