Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
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Finale With Dan
Monday, March 16, 2015
This past week Dr. Chris had a full hour to work with Dan. Jane was unable to join us for the show, but we hope she will be with us next week.
Dan is doing extremely well with his spiritual practice of meditation and has added physical exercise to his daily routine. He is feeling well and proud of the strides he is making in his healing process. He has definitely shown his commitment to his personal growth and sobriety. He and Dr. Chris spent additional time discussing the dynamics of his relationship with his partner. When a person is ready to heal his or her life, it can impact everything! Dan will return with the results of a meaningful discussion with his partner about their future.  
Join us this week for our finale show and support our brave guests on Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris.