Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
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Dan and Jane, Week Two
Monday, March 9, 2015
This past week Dr. Chris worked with Dan and Jane on Healing Your Life. Jane has returned to the show after being our guest in 2013.
Dan was successful in not using legal drugs this past week, which is the first step in his recovery. But when one door closes, another opens! Now he sees his addictive behaviors increasing in other areas of his life. Dan found a support group to join for his addictions and was starting immediately. He is even considering a second group to work on his new obsession with pornography. He is taking the proper steps and will increase meditation and journaling as his new spiritual practice.
The first time Jane was with us, she and Dr. Chris focused on the demise of her marriage and an impending divorce. Now she is divorced but still sad and feeling her past is not healed. She took four months off and just concentrated on healing. But there is more work to be done. She and Dr. Chris will concentrate on healing her past so she can move forward into a healthier, happier future.
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