Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
Rev. Dr. Chris Michaels
Archived Show
Dan and Jane
Monday, February 23, 2015
This week Dan will return to the show along with a new guest, Jane.
Jane has been a guest in the past and is back to reconnect and update us on the many changes in her life since she was on the show more than a year ago. She has changed almost everything in her life! It will be great to catch up and see what challenges she is here to discuss with Dr. Chris.
Dan is very open about his addictive behavior. As we know, addiction doesn’t normally affect one part of your life, it can appear in many ways. Dr. Chris has great clarity and precise suggestions to improve Dan’s spiritual connection to his Source. This will make all the difference in his experience.
Don’t miss a single show with our guests, Dan and Jane. They generously share their stories and enrich our lives through their healing process. 
As always, we are grateful to all of you who share in Healing Your Life with Dr. Chris!