Rev. Chaz Wesley
Rev. Chaz Wesley
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None of Your Business
Thursday, August 13, 2015
Not only is it none of your business what people think of you, the beliefs behind their thoughts and the words used are not usually about you to begin with. They’re about the consciousness of the person speaking them—a projection of their individual thinking and their own reality. When we take things personally—especially in our time of grief—we feel offended or attacked and then become defensive; and defense is the first act of war. 

When we allow ourselves permission to be immune to the opinions and actions of others, we avoid many upsets in life—including becoming the victim of suffering. In the same regard, whatever you feel and say (to others or to yourself) is simply a reflection of the way you're seeing the world in this now-moment. Regardless of the circumstances, we are always choosing to take something personally—or not. Join host Chaz Wesley as he shares how one choice leads to (a consciousness of) hell, and the other to a greater knowing of peace.