Rev. Chaz Wesley
Rev. Chaz Wesley
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Leaning Into Love, With Elaine Mansfield
Thursday, March 19, 2015
Elaine Mansfield is a writer and bereavement facilitator whose spiritual perspective and insightful wisdom reflects more than 40 years as a student of Jungian psychology, mythology, Buddhism, and meditative practices. Her popular TEDx talk, "Good Grief! What I Learned From Loss," speaks to her belief that there is power in grieving both intentionally and purposefully.
Mansfield’s best-selling book, Leaning Into Love: A Spiritual Journey Through Grief, is a memoir that beautifully honors her husband’s life and death, their love, and her personal and spiritual evolution through grief and healing. Sharing the transformative and ongoing love beyond their time together and into her new life, the author joins host Chaz Wesley to discuss her journey, From Grief to Grace ...