Debra Moffitt
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Seeing Like a Psychic, With Almina Amani
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
If you could see and experience life like a psychic, what would that look like? Can you read other's thoughts and see the future? Do you see people who have died? And if so, how do you cope? Does everyone have these abilities? Almina Amani, a psychic and medium, in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the most gifted and accurate psychics around. People from worldwide contact her about business and personal matters. I've studied with her and she's one of the most accurate psychics I know. She's studied at highly regarded institutions to hone her abilites, and also teaches people at her center in Switzerland. Join me live as we talk with Almina about what it's like to be a psychic and how to develop your own psychic abilities.