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Protecting the Earth With a Community of One, With Carolyn Rivers
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Charleston, South Carolina, has been the center of a lot of debates and anxiety recently around race, climate change with increasingly high tides and floods, and it's perched on the edge of many of the big and divisive issues facing the world today. Carolyn Rivers, founder and director of the Sophia Institute and head of the Charleston Global Contemplative Alliance, works to bring together members of the community from a wide array of backgrounds to focus on how to make big changes that will make a difference. We'll be talking live with Carolyn to find out more about her work to cultivate a sense of connectedness in the community. Carolyn Rivers writes: "As the world becomes increasingly inter-dependent and fragile, that future at once holds great peril and promise. To move forward we must recognize that we are one human family and one Earth community sharing a common fate." For more about Carolyn Rivers and the events at the Sophia Institute at thesophiainstitute.org.