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Five Steps to Write to Heal, With Dr. John Evans
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Self-expression is vital to health. Dr. John Evans has worked with James Pennebaker to explore and research how writing can help in the face of major life events. Think cancer, post traumatic stress, suffering, loss, grief. In conjunction with Duke University and Duke Integrative Medicine in North Carolina, Dr. Evans is conducting a study on the power of language and expression to bring about healing. His "Writing to Heal" program teaches caregivers how to use writing as a tool to bring about healing and health for patients and themselves. His Wellness & Writing Connections Conferences impacted thousands of people and encouraged them to get in touch with themselves through writing.
We'll talk with Dr. Evans to explore his practices, in this live interview. Find out more about Dr. Evans and his work at linkedin.com/in/johnfevans.