Rev. Jennifer Hadley
Tuesdays, at 10 AM CT
Love Substitutes—Recognizing and Eliminating Them
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
People sometimes settle for love substitutes and they don’t even realize it. The ego distracts us from our healing and awakening by enticing us to manage, cope, and eventually settle with, substitutes for love. A Course in Miracles shows us how to get the “fake Love” out of our relationships so we can all be healed by our holy relationships. In this week’s episode, Jennifer shows us how to recognize and eliminate the blocks to love that are the sneaky substitutes and improve all of our relationships. Each week, Jennifer offers helpful tips and clear tools to aid us in a practical application of spiritual principle in order to truly live A Course in Miracles. Now is the time for us to choose to walk the talk and live the love in our daily lives! To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visit JenniferHadley.com. For the transcript of this episode and more, please visit LivingACourseinMiracles.com.