Rev. Evelyn Foreman
Archived Show
Pray Up Your Life, With Rev. Mark Fuss and Keri King
Wednesday, September 9, 2015
This year is the 125th anniversary of Silent Unity® and the 22nd year of Unity World Day of Prayer. During this episode, Rev. Eve talks with Rev. Mark Fuss and Keri King about the festivities, ways, and reasons why we ought to pray up! Through a delightful hour of connected, conscious conversation, our cohosts talk about the many ways to pray and how to live a connected life of prayer. How DO we pray? WHY do we pray? Why affirmative prayer, and why pray at all? What is World Day of Prayer really about? What is the legacy of prayer? How do we pray up? Join us for this charming hour or whimsical, beloved friendship in a way that connects these souls and YOU in prayer, heart to heart.