Rev. Beverly Molander
Rev. Beverly Molander
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How a Potluck Dinner at Home Can Sustain Women All Over the World
Monday, June 22, 2015
The power of collective giving—that’s what Dining for Women has demonstrated since it started in 2003. Executive Director Beth Ellen Holimon and Helen Borland, a volunteer regional coleader, tell how the organization has grown to 450 chapters and has raised more than $4 million since then. Want to make a difference in the world? Find out how providing just one goat per family in Nepal led the way to eliminating daughters being sold into servitude; or how educating women to start a co-op store in Kenya has brought them earning power that helped stave off hunger during droughts; or how the Grandmother Project in Senegal helped empower the girls to a more confident life. For more information or to find how you can get involved, go to diningforwomen.org