Rev. Beverly Molander
Rev. Beverly Molander
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Echo Garrett: The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative
Monday, October 28, 2013
Kids aging out of the foster care system are at risk of not completing high school, and nearly 50% of those aging out may become homeless within six months. That’s why The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative is gathering community resources (human and organizational) to mentor kids on how to do basic life skills (open a checking account, rent an apartment, apply for a job), get these kids laptops, and provide them with a foundation they never had. A recent study shows that during the years between 13 and 24, a shift can take place in the brain, and many of these children/adults are learning a new successful way of viewing their lives. Download this show and pass it on to adults, nonprofits, and companies who can make a difference wherever they are.