Rev. Beverly Molander
Rev. Beverly Molander
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Do You Have Sacred Cows That Need Tipping Over?
Monday, July 13, 2015
Author Betsy Chasse says that not only do we have those ‘sacred cow’ beliefs we got from our parents and grandparents, we also have New Thought and New Age ‘sacred cow’ beliefs that hold us back just as much. Listen carefully to what is inside your head ... If you are pointing a finger at someone or something else who is directing your destiny (“God,” “Spirit,” “the Universe”), you are giving your power away and not taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. You’ll find out more in her chapter, “Who Is the Universe and Why Does It Have All My Stuff?” Join us and take a playful romp through the cow pastures of doubt, fear, and judgment to find out how to tip your own sacred cows and continue on the (never-ending) road to enlightenment.