New Thought Walden Awards Summit

2020 New Thought Walden Awards Podcast Series

Archived Show

Feel the power of their ideas and hear why they were honored. Listen now to the 2020 honorees on the New Thought Walden Awards Podcast Series.

From radical therapy to the power of creative thought, this year’s honorees are socially conscious leaders in New Thought, mind-body connection and healing, interfaith work, social and environmental activism, and the arts.

Starting August 17, 2020, you can listen on demand to interviews with the 2020 New Thought Walden Awards honorees—exclusively on Unity Online Radio.*

*Note: The full series will be available on all your favorite streaming services in November 2020.

Week of August 17, 2020

New Thought Wisdom Honorees

Week of August 24, 2020

Mind/Body Connection and Healing Honorees

Week of August 31, 2020

Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding Honorees

Week of September 7, 2020

Social and Environmental Activism Honorees

Week of September 14, 2020

Creative Arts and Entertainment Honorees

Week of September 21, 2020

Next Generation Honorees

Champion of Change Award 2020